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Your August 2013 Newsletter

Congratulations to Richard Witt,
our Grand Prize Referral Winner

"Here's How Our Royalty Referral Program Works..."

Our intention is to treat our patients like Royalty and the basis of our Referral Program is that every patient who refers a friend, neighbor, family member or co-worker to our office will receive the following Referral Rewards:

  • 1st Referral: A $25.00 Starbucks Gift Card
  • 2nd Referral: A $50.00 Barnes & Noble Gift Card
  • 3rd Referral: A $75.00 Fry's Gift Card
  • 4th Referral: A $100 Visa Gift Card
  • 5th Referral: A $100 American Express Gift Card or
    Free Lifetime Teeth Whitening (Priceless!), your choice

In addition to receiving Referral Rewards, your name will be entered into our monthly drawing to receive a $100 Check to Majestic Dentistry, Plus our Semi-Annual Grand Prize drawing to receive the following GRAND PRIZE:

A $500.00 Check to Majestic Dentistry

Each referral gives you one entry into the monthly drawing and rolls over every month into the Grand Prize drawing. So, the more you refer, the better your chances are of winning. There is NO LIMIT on your number of entries. Congratulations again to Richard Witt.

What People Are Saying About Us

Patient Showcase

Name: Helene Illston
Business/Occupation: Licensed Massage Therapist and Health Consultant

Dr. Wolf    Helene, you've always impressed me with your commitment to health and fitness and helping others achieve optimal health. What type of work are you doing now to help others achieve better health?
Helene I'm helping others by increasing their antioxidant levels and protection from free radical exposure.
Dr. Wolf Why are antioxidants so important to a person's health?
Helene Antioxidants are natural protective molecules that help our bodies prevent and fight cancer and minimize the effects of aging. The higher your antioxidant level, the greater your protection against free radical damage which can cause premature aging and is a large factor in the deterioration of health over time.
Dr. Wolf What are the best ways to get more antioxidants into our bodies?
Helene Eat a variety of deeply colored fruits and vegetables; deep red, yellow, orange, purple, blue and green typically indicate higher antioxidant content. Use sun block. Avoid smoking and take a well formulated nutritional supplement.
Dr. Wolf You recently performed scan on my hand that took less than 90 seconds that allowed us to see the level of antioxidants in my body. What does the scanner do?
Helene The Pharmanex BioPhotonic scanner is a noninvasive, fast, and convenient way to determine your antioxidant status. It tells us how well your diet is relative to the amount of antioxidants you're consuming.
Dr. Wolf How can my other patients get this scan performed to see what their level of antioxidants is and how much does it cost?
Helene I'm hosting a health event at your office and I'll be offering a free scan to anyone who is interested in knowing more about their antioxidant levels. The event is on Friday, September 6th, from 11:00am to 1:00pm. No appointment is necessary. Just come to Majestic Dentistry during that time for your free health scan and learn more about looking younger and staying healthier.

Hygiene Happenings

Sherry & Paula - Your Fabulous Hygienists

Bad Breath?...Tongue Scraping May Help

Brushing and flossing your teeth on a daily basis to maintain a healthy mouth is key, but adding a tongue scrapper can aid in the fight against bad breath. It has been found that our tongue can harbor as much as 90% of the bacteria that causes bad breath. The cracks, fissures and taste buds trap dead skin cells and food debris which becomes the perfect environment bacteria love to grow and breed in. The volatile sulfur compounds produced by this bacteria is one cause of bad breath.

Cleaning the tongue thoroughly on a regular basis can improve most cases of bad breath. Using a procedure called tongue scraping is an easy way to help fight bad breath. Tongue scrapers can easily be found in most drug stores with several varieties to choose from.  When scraping your tongue you want to clean as far back as possible and pull forward. You may have a gag reflex in the beginning but there is a good chance that will improve over time. Rinse your mouth well afterwards. You should try to clean your tongue at least once a day. Tongue scraping is only a piece of the puzzle in good oral hygiene. Remember to brush your teeth at least two times a day, floss daily, drink plenty of water and schedule regular dental visits.

Final Thoughts

Pets are family members, too. My wife Annette and I are sad to say that we put to rest our oldest dog, Moby. He was eleven and a half years old and fought bone cancer courageously for the last two and a half years of his life. Moby was a fun and adventurous dog who loved swimming, hiking and biking (pulled in a trailer behind my bike). He gave his love and energy unconditionally and Annette and I have been blessed to have him in our family. He will be greatly missed.

Dr. Frank Wolf
Majestic Dentistry
(623) 551-6300