Your August 2011 Newsletter

Dear Reader


Congratulations to Gail Philbrick,
our Grand Prize Royalty Referral Winner

"Here's How Our Royalty Referral Program Works..."

Our intention is to treat our patients like Royalty and the basis of our Referral Program is that every patient who refers a friend, neighbor, family member or co-worker to our office will receive the following Referral Rewards:

  • 1st Referral: A $25.00 Starbucks Gift Card
  • 2nd Referral: A $50.00 Barnes & Noble Gift Card
  • 3rd Referral: A $100.00 Fry's Gift Card
  • 4th Referral: A $150 Visa Gift Card
  • 5th Referral: A $200 American Express Gift Card or
    Free Lifetime Teeth Whitening (Priceless!), your choice

In addition to receiving Referral Rewards, your name will be entered into our monthly drawing to receive a $100 Check to Majestic Dentistry, Plus our Semi-Annual Grand Prize drawing to receive the following GRAND PRIZE:

A $500.00 Check to Majestic Dentistry

Each referral gives you one entry into the monthly drawing and rolls over every month into the Grand Prize drawing. So, the more you refer, the better your chances are of winning. There is NO LIMIT on your number of entries. Congratulations again to Mike Jiminez.

What People Are Saying About Us

Patient Showcase

Suzanne Lever

Dr. Wolf Suzanne, you're a pastry chef and custom cake designer located in Anthem. How did you get started in the baking business?
Suzanne   The passion began at a very young age when my grandmother would come for her visits and bake delicious sweets while here. It stayed with me and I then attended the culinary institute to further my knowledge. After many requests from friends to create desserts for them I then decided everyone should have the chance for a delicious cake at an affordable price.
Dr. Wolf My wife had a surprise 50th birthday party for me and you made the birthday cake and cupcakes, which were delicious. What other occasions and events would a person use your services?
Suzanne   Any event that would require a one- of-a-kind delicious cake. This includes weddings, graduations, baby showers and even the simple dinner party. I can custom design the dessert to fit the occasion at hand. I also can make some items in sugar-free form to meet any dietary needs.
Dr. Wolf You had mentioned a special offer for patients of Majestic Dentistry. What is that offer and how can other patients reach you to take advantage of your offer?
Suzanne   I am offering 10% off first time orders when they mention "Dr. Wolf". They can place their orders by calling 602-509-0028 or visiting my website at Please allow 2 weeks notice for custom cake orders. I offer delivery to the greater Phoenix area.
Dr. Wolf How would you describe your experience as a patient at Majestic Dentistry?
Suzanne   The experience has been wonderful. I have felt like family since I walked in the door. My procedures have been pain-free with everything explained from start to finish. The whole staff is truly concerned about making your visit as comfortable as possible.

Hygiene Happenings

Val, Sherry, Paula - your fabulous hygienists

Drinking only bottled water.

By reaching for a bottle of H20 you may think you're doing your body some good by avoiding tap water, which can be filled with who-knows-what. But that's not the case. Bottled water contains no fluoride, and we're seeing more and more adults suffer from a fluoride deficiency, which can lead to tooth decay. Instead, fill your glass with water purified by a Brita or PUR water filtration system which will keep your water free from impurities commonly found in tap water, but still allow you to reap the benefits of fluoride.

Final Thoughts

It is with mixed emotions that we are saying good bye to one of our great hygienists, Valerie. Val has taken a managerial position for a large dental organization with many offices. She will be responsible for overseeing their hygiene department and implementing coaching and instruction to their hygienists. We are excited for Val and wish her the best of luck in her new position and she will be greatly missed. I know those of you have been seen by Val will be equally happy and well cared for by our other fabulous hygienists, Sherry and Paula.

Thank you for being a valued patient in our office.

Dr. Frank Wolf
Majestic Dentistry
(623) 551-6300