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December 2008

Hi Reader,

Happy Holidays!

Congratulations to Ed Winbourne, our Referral Contest Winner for November.

"Here's How Our Royalty Referral Contest Works..."

Out intention is to treat our patients like Royalty and the basis of our Referral Contest is that every patient who refers a friend, neighbor, family member or co-worker to our office will receive the following Referral Rewards:

1st Referral: A $25.00 Starbucks Gift Card

2nd Referral: A $50.00 Barnes & Noble Gift Card

3rd Referral: A $100.00 American Express Gift Card

4th Referral: A $150 American Express Gift Card

5th Referral: A $200 American Express Gift Card or Zoom Whitening ($395 value), your choice

In addition to receiving Referral Rewards, your name will be entered into our monthly drawing to receive a $100 Check to Majestic Dentistry, Plus our Semi-Annual Grand Prize drawing to receive the following GRAND PRIZE:

A $500.00 American Express Gift Card

Each referral gives you one entry into the monthly drawing and rolls over every month into the Grand Prize drawing. So, the more you refer, the better your chances are of winning. There is NO LIMIT on your number of entries. Congratulations again to Ed Winbourne.

Patient Showcase

 Aaron Kerth Picture.jpg

Patient: Aaron Kerth

Business: Insurance Agent Liberty Mutual

Dr. Wolf:  What inspired you to choose a career selling insurance?

AaronMy desire to help people live a safer and more secure life

Dr. Wolf:  What's the single-most important thing a person can do to save money on their insurance?

Aaron:  Have a review with their insurance agent and compare their policies with different insurance companies.

Dr. Wolf:  What's the most rewarding part of your business?

Aaron:  Helping people by educating them on how insurance can best work for them and their specific needs.

Dr. Wolf:  What's the easiest way our patients can get more information about their current insurance coverage and saving money?

Aaron:  They can receive a complimentary insurance review with me by calling 602-300-7749. There is absolutely no obligation. Just have them mention Majestic Dentistry when they call and they'll receive a special gift in addition to the their free insurance review.

Dr. Wolf:  Compared to other dental offices you've been to, how would you describe your experience at Majestic Dentistry?

Aaron:  Awesome! The atmosphere in your office is very positive and you provide a very high level of customer service.  Also, when I'm in your office I never have to wait. I've been to other dental offices where I've had an appointment at 8am and I don't get to see anybody until 8:30 or 9:00 and that's frustrating because time is money. It's also disrespectful.

Dr. Wolf:  How has your life changed since you've been a patient at Majestic Dentistry?

Aaron:  I'm more educated with regards to my health. I've never had a dentist check my mouth for oral cancer. Before coming to your office it never crossed my mind that oral cancer can be an issue. Now I know. If I ever move out of state, I'm going to make sure I go to a dentist that always checks my mouth for oral cancer. Also, having your hygienists educate me on the best ways I can keep my teeth and gums healthy has been very life-changing for me.

Dr. Wolf:  What would you say to a person who is thinking about choosing a new dentist?

Aaron:  To give Majestic Dentistry the opportunity to gain their business because I'm confident you would excel in meeting their dental needs and earn their business.

Dr. Wolf:  Thank you Aaron. I appreciate you as a patient in our practice, my insurance agent and a friend.

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Val & Sherry's Hygiene Happenings

Holiday Treats for Good Oral Health

Do you feel lost in the seasonal swirl of sugary treats?

Look for these foods on the holiday table for a simple form of dental defense, or pack them as healthy snacks.  


Have you heard it through the grapevine? Compounds found in raisins fight bacteria in the mouth that cause cavities and gum disease, according to researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago College of Dentistry. The phytochemicals (also known as antioxidants) in raisins protect the teeth against decay and gum disease. Choose natural raisins as a healthy snack, but avoid the sugared ones found in some breakfast cereals.


This holiday mainstay may help to prevent cavities. Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center found that cranberries smooth the surface of the tooth interfering with attachment of the bacteria that cause dental decay


Choose cheese for a dessert or between-meal snack. Beyond the nutritional benefits of calcium and protein, the enzymes in cheese help to neutralize the acids that attack teeth. Cheese also helps to increase saliva in the mouth. Saliva dilutes and helps to wash away acids in the mouth and thus contributes to remineralization (hardening) of the teeth.  


In addition to its overall health benefits, research reports show that tea can support oral health.
One study showed that tea fights bad breath by inhibiting the growth of oral bacteria over a 48-hour period. Both black and green teas were shown to reduce the concentrations of sulfur compounds that result in bad breath.
In another laboratory test, green tea was shown to fight the bacteria that cause strep throat and dental decay.
For even more oral health benefits, try sweetening your tea with Xylitol. This natural, plant-based sweetener is low in calories, non-cariogenic (cavity causing) and low glycemic (good for diabetics).


Final Thoughts

On behalf of myself and everyone at Majestic Dentistry, we wish you and your family a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.


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